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ALM's 50...500kW Engine Design 

The ALM Turbine: A New Approach    

ALM has developed a new approach to increasing efficiency and performance over conventional microturbines.  Conventional methods of improving efficiency rely principally on using advanced  materials to increase turbine inlet temperatures.

ALM has achieved a number of technological breakthroughs including the development of a novel combustion technology and combustor design, a novel  blade cooling technology and the adoption of  a novel semi-closed cycle.   

To reduce costs and increase performance, ALM has also eliminated a number of expensive components including stator vanes between the two stages, nozzles between its combustor and turbine, fuel injectors and catalytic converters and devices.

Another ALM innovation is to control the power of a turbine by varying the density of the working fluid.   Along with its semi-closed cycle, this approach  allows the ALM engine to achieve high efficiencies over a broad load and speed range  and fast response to sudden load and speed changes. 

ALM's technology can be applied to both power generation/industrial applications as well as vehicular applications.

bulletPower Generation/Industrial Applications 
bulletALM's  Vehicular Applications 


bulletHigh efficiencies (37.5%+) with real growth potential
bulletHigh part load efficiencies over a broad operating range) [efficiency graph]
bulletReliable, long life and low maintenance design
bulletElimination of the need for a fuel gas compressor for power applications ranging from 25kW 150kW.
bulletLess than 5ppm NOx without the use of a catalyst. [for an explanation, click here]
bulletInexpensive to mass produce  (no exotic material required)
bulletAbility to operate over a wide power range 
bulletMulti-Fuel Capable
bulletHighly responsive to sudden load changes for optimal load following operations.


ALM has designed a viable automotive engine, addressing the problems of all prior automotive gas turbine programs.  ALM automotive engine has the following characteristics:

bulletHigh efficiencies (37.5%+) over a broad load and speed range [efficiency graph]
bulletExcellent part load efficiency (i.e. 30%+ @ 15% power)
bulletExcellent Dynamics -- Highly responsive to sudden load and speed changes (ability to operate under transient conditions)
bulletHigh Torque
bulletNo advanced materials required
bulletReliable and low maintenance design
bulletOnly a simple gearbox  required, (no clutch)
bulletMeets Super Ultra Low Emission Requirements [for an explanation, click here]
bulletInexpensive to mass produce 
bulletLess Mass and Volume than gasoline and diesel engines (twice the power to weight ratio)
bulletHigh Degree of Scalability
bulletGas turbines do not require a new fuel infrastructure and will be easier to transition to than other  alternative  propulsion technologies. 

Due to its direct drive capabilities and stable efficiencies at part load, the ALM engine is ideal for a parallel hybrid or "power assist" applications.

ALM's technology platform is highly conducive to further increases in efficiency over time. 

[Click here for a graph illustrating ALM's flat efficiency curve,]